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Our Packages

Book any package and get a FREE charcuterie board
October 21-31, 2023

Home, Office & Event Organization

$80/hour or a team of 2 for $120/hour

(This does not include cost of organization baskets or containers) 

For a quote for home organizing containers please email our team. 

'The Consult' - $250

1.5 to 2 hour assessment with report

$80/hour for additional time

'The Coordinator' - $500

We take a hands on approach for your event, office, home or theatre space.

We have a team of 2 come in and over your big day for staging/organizing pieces. 

(this does not include furniture, decor pieces or storage containers)

'A La Carte' - $750

You choose 3-5 storage pieces and we customize a quick DIY design. 

A good refresh on an already functional space! 

'The Open House' - $850

Great option for realtors and home owners for the day of their Open House.

We bring in 8-10 pieces to add some WOW factor and provide some light beverages and snacks for your clients and guests.

(Up to 40ppl. Higher than 40ppl please email for quote)

'Tradeshows & Conventions' - $1125

We provide a team of 2 to come along with you and help design & set up your booth area. 

We provide 5-10 pieces to add a WOW factor and create a small snack sample & door prize area to help draw in clients to your booth. Option to add a catering or swag package for an additional cost. 

'The Terminator' - $1500

We channel our energy into your project for a rapid and powerful transformation. 

6 hours for a team of 2 people. Includes 8-12 container/decor pieces. 

'The Producer' - $2750

You are the producer of your own design and event. We provide 15-25 decor pieces and/or storage/staging pieces and up to 5 furniture pieces along with a team of 2 to get to work creating a transformed ambiance for your home, office or event. Option to add additional team members at $80/hour

'The Executive' - $3500-$5000

The whole enchilada. We design your space and provide basic furniture for a standard bungalow size home: decor and storage options, ambiance and light appetizers for your clients/guests. This can also be utilized for a full personal residence or organization make-over. Includes a team of 3 people for a day. 

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